Renting information


Renting Information - For Tenants

When you have selected the most suitable property to apply for you will need to arrange an inspection time. Once you have inspected the property an application form can be filled out in full and your application will be processed. We do need to get 100 points of ID from you along with 3 rental/professional referees. We process the application as soon as possible. We will notify you as soon as a decision has been made confirming the owners instructions

Service Connection

It is you responsibility to connect

  • Power and Gas
  • Telephone
  • Water connection is arranged from our office after you have signed the GWM connection form at your 'sign up' appointment.

Tenant Information Pack

Contained in your Tenant Information Pack given to you at 'sign up' is relevant information you may require during your tenancy. Your copy of your Lease Agreement should be kept here should you need to refer to it.

Condition Report

After checking the condition report at the commencement of tenancy you must return a signed copy to our office within three working days.


Should you require maintenance or repairs to be carried out please call in or contact our office to report issues that need to be brought to the attention of the landlord. Urgent repairs will be attended to immediately. If you arrange your own repairs you may be responsible for the payment.

Rent Payments

Our office is open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm. Rent can be paid by cash (preferred) or personal cheque. We do not offer Eftpos facilities. Rent is payable on or before the due date and should always be two weeks in advance. You may also arrange with your bank for a direct debit or Centrepay from Centrelink.

Giving Notice

It is required to give Twenty-eight (28) days notice in writing when you are going to vacate a property. A form is available at our office. This must be completed regardless of the status of your lease. If you wish to break your lease agreement by vacating early, we will try to assist you.

Please contact our office so this can be discussed and we can explain your legal responsibilities. You are liable for rent until your vacate date or until all keys are returned to our office. The carpets must be professionally steam cleaned and a receipt provided to us. A forwarding address and telephone number must also be supplied. Once your keys have been returned, a final inspection will be conducted at the property and the return of your bond then arranged if the property is left in good order.


We advise all Tenants obtain contents insurance on the premises they are renting. Barham Insurance Agencies Pty Ltd offer a diverse range of insurance. Please contact Peter Barham or Linda Taylor if you require further information or a quote on insurance.

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