Property Management

Property Management Services

We at JB Barham Real Estate offer you a superior and professional service when managing your rental property. We focus on providing a reliable and valuable service by professional staff.

  • We complete an appraisal of the property and advise you a realistic rental amount based on our experience and in comparison with other rental properties in the surrounding area.
  • Consult with the you, the landlord, after careful screening of prospective tenants to assess previous rental history, stability and financial capacity to pay rent to ensure the very best tenant is selected for your property.
  • Complete all necessary documentation when moving the tenant into the property. Complete a condition report and take photos of the property.
  • Conduct routine inspections at 6 monthly intervals and provide feedback to the landlord.
  • Disburse rent to the landlord at the end of each month into a bank account of your choice. A statement is posted to you along with any invoices we have paid on your behalf. We provide the landlord with an end of year financial statement at the beginning of July.
  • Administer rental reviews and lease expirations contacting you prior to discuss your options.
  • We will do our utmost to ensure the rental experience is enjoyable and hassle free. Call us to find out how we can assist in managing your real estate investment property.