Landlord Information

Landlord Information

Condition Report

A comprehensive Condition Report is compiled at the commencement of a tenancy prior to the tenant collecting the keys. The tenant receives a copy for their records and checks off the office copy, signs it and returns it to the office within three business days.

This outlines the condition of the property and is checked off as soon as possible after the tenant has returned the keys. This ensures the property is in the same condition as at the commencement of the tenancy.

Routine Inspection

The initial inspection is conducted after the first 3 months of the tenancy and then at 6 monthly intervals. These inspections are conducted by our Property Manager and are essential to ensure your property is maintained to our high quality standards. You will be contacted after the inspection, as to how the property is being looked after and any maintenance reported. A copy of the report can be provided at your request.

Rent Payments

Our software package records all rental information and if a tenant is in arrears we are alerted straight away. We contact the tenant via SMS, personal contact or phone. Rent arrears are closely monitered and we communicate with you and the tenant to rectify the situation. If arrears reach 14 days you are contacted immediately and if appropriate a notice to vacate is issued.

Repairs and Maintenance

Your Property Manager will arrange maintenence keeping a comprehensive history and list of actions. You can use tradespersons of your choice or we can use one from our bank of contacts. You are consulted when a maintenance issue has been raised. If the repairs are urgent we use our discression on these matters. Maintenence deductions are fully itemised on your monthly statements complete with the original invoices.

Landlord Insurance

We recommend landlords take out landlord insurance. Landlord insurance can protect for items such as loss of rent, malicious damage etc. You as a landlord are responsible for the safety of the property that you have tenants living in. The Landlord Liability cover will pay for any damages that are awarded to the tenant as well as all legal costs. This can sometimes be included in building insurance, so check this before deciding on the right policy for your needs.

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